Dania Hany

Cairo based photographer


Dania Hany (b. 1995) is an Egyptian photographer, based in Cairo. Driven by a curiosity to learn more about her family history and personal identity, her work relies on using the personal as a primary subject matter; as well as being a tool for exploring grief.

Her earlier work acts as observations on a human’s relation to their surroundings, whether in the city or in rural areas. Her photographic practice is based on intuition, where she uses the camera as an instrument to heal, communicate and make sense of what’s around.

Since 2015, she’s been transitioning to the use of analog and regarding how the process demanded a strong sense of presence and offered an experience that relies strongly on human interaction.

Dania’s work has been published in online magazines and blogs such as iGNANT and World Press Photo's Witness and exhibited in Cairo, London, Rome, and Stockholm.